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Terms and conditions


Surfing subject to your agreement to the preliminary conditions of use as specified Below so before browsing and using the Site you are requested to read them carefully. Using the services offered to you subject to acceptance conditions , Conditions, and notices contained herein verbatim , without any modification , Otherwise you may not use the Services , in whole or in part. Rules written in the masculine form only for convenience , but should be read as Also written in the feminine . Regulations sections headings are for convenience purposes only and not Be used by any reference or interpretation utilities and / or interpretation . Site rules come first and foremost to protect the site and visitors to the site . They are particularly stringent because of the nature of the site that deals in introductions , And are not something that should alert regular surfer who use the site to find a serious relationship . ( See definition of " serious relationships " below) Site rules are to avoid situations of using the site for any purpose other than finding a serious relationship , Including ( and not limited to) gathering information , sending false messages , hidden publications etc. Ladies - first site was established to allow easily and efficiently finding a / partner for a serious relationship only. Staff ladies - first undertakes to do everything in his power to : One . Prevent harassment of other members on the site. Two . Action against those who are not careful to follow the rules of the site. Three . To try and help those affected in any way the use of the site.

Data truths

Fill out accurate information only. Using the card is personal, do not use other cards that are not yours. Do not open more than one person. Do not open the card for someone else. Do not upload images of your cards are not, or images that are not worthy, do not send messages not real.


Content, or content on the website itself are, Bcllioto. Content includes everything shown in the profiles, all located in the database of the website, All transferred to the site in any form, whether it's a message surfer design, or content from another source. All contents are owned by gahava site, and the site can be used for any purpose. Including profiles, messages, information, images but not only. All User Content delivered to the site or through the website is the content that goes into the site and from Once the software is owned by the site. A gahava can change this content and use it at will, And ethics of information or on behalf of any party, or not. Not be able to complain to the website staff about this content.

Serious relationship

Serious relationship is finding a relationship / partner live together. Wedding, friendship, etc.. Serious relationship not include contact of exploitation, or illegal contact. The site must not married people. Separated Status: Married who lives separately from his / her spouse for a period exceeding two months, And who does not maintain a joint household with his / her spouse. This site is permitted separated by the definition of "Status Separated" in this Agreement. Open a ticket or use the card for marriage (except married B"sstos Separated "in this agreement) Is a case from a Gahava wow / owner for any reason Pre-agreed cost 10,000 + expenses lawyers and court costs.

Prohibited Content to advertise

You accept these limitations and acknowledge that Content submitted on the website is not content as follows: - All the content of a pornographic or sexual nature - Content publication is prohibited by any law - All content constituting defamation of a person or violating the privacy - Publishing services / products / text does for finding a partner specific serious relationship . - All content and information concerning minors that identifies them, their personal or Their address and ways to contact them . - All computer software, computer code or application containing a virus - computer ( "virus" ) , including software - hostile Known as a horse - Trojan Worms ( Worms ) , and centipedes ( Vandals ) Harmful applications ( Malicious Applications) , etc. ... - All information publication is prohibited by any law , including the - gag orders of homes - Law Including information that may identify victims of sex crimes , criminals or victims of criminal acts minors , etc. ... - Any information or content nature harassing, insulting , hostile, threatening, abusive or racist - Any information that might mislead other users , third parties or the site staff . - Any information contrary to generally accepted use of the Internet or may cause Damage or harm to Internet users in general and users of the site ladies - first in particular. - All information access is blocked by a password, etc. , and is not possible in Free to all Internet users . Such content will be removed from the site immediately upon discovery , the site reserves the right to Sue the advertiser for any damage caused to or would be caused following the publication of prohibited content .

Prohibited Actions

Do not perform any action via the website designed to disrupt or interfere with computer systems and communication Whatsoever (including a server-first ladies themselves). Do not open more than one user. Do not sign if your user was suspended. Do not open the card for someone else. Do not upload images of your cards are not, or images that are not worthy. Do not write a dishonest data contents of the site. Do not update false personal information (e.g., birth date / status, etc.) Do not send messages dishonest. Do not send messages offensive, or which may harm other members of the site. No do not defined as "fair use." Do not use Gahava for advertising purposes. Do not send obscene or disrespectful messages. Do not use Gahava for other non-marital search purposes. Do not contact other user who are outside your age range. For example, a 20-year user should not write to a 50-year-old user.

Suspended user

Gahava management has the option to suspend a user who has performed Prohibited Action or a user reported by another user or a user who the management decide he may endanger other users or a user whose intent is not a serious relationship or a user who has already been suspended. Suspension of a user is intended solely to maintain a safe atmosphere and for the security of other users. User suspension is final and does not have time limit. Gahava's technological system is constantly upgrading to prevent users which have been suspended in the past to re-use Gahava again to ensure user security of others as much as possible. In the case of a user's suspension, the site management does not undertake to provide the user with the suspension reason or respond to his messages. In addition, this user will be shown to other users who have corresponded with him as a suspended user.

Messages Between Users

Women can write to men freely. In order for man to wrote to a woman, he must undergo a multiple choice test of four questions that a woman can determine. If he passed the test, he can write to her. If he failed, he need to wait a week before he can try again to pass the test. A man also can pay a subscription fee or purchase credits to contact woman without passing her test. In some cases, the system automatically determines certain users That the only way they can send messages is by paying for a monthly subscription (for men) or by paying to see who did my test (for women). This mode can also be set manually by Gahava staff from policy reasons (For example, if a user is registered from two different users Thus violating the Gahava terms of use). Messages in Gahava (both subscribers and non-subscribers) cannot be sent in the following situations: - A user who is inactive or deleted his account or suspended. - The user blocked you. - After 2 unanswered messages from the same user. - User without a photo (users who do not want to be exposed can upload photo in a private photos mode and only the recipient of the message will be exposed to photos). - A user whose profile is incomplete (fields like First Name, About Me must be filled). - Significant age differences or ages that the user has defined that they will not be able to contact. - In a situation that the user has determined that only she can write to man. - When there is a gender preference mismatch. - In a situation where the system allows up to one message per day and has already sent one when it does not have a subscription. - When the system requires a subscription fee when you do not have a subscription fee. - When the system requests email verification as a condition for sending messages. - In a situation where the system requires correction of false details in the profile. - When the system has marked your user as a user requiring a check from the Gahava Staff. The above restrictions are intended to make Gahava a more pleasant, reliable and secure dating interface, so additional restrictions may be removed or added.

Purchases at Gahava

At Gahava there are some paid services like Message freely, Hiding the last login time, Deleting messages and other services... You can only purchase with a valid credit card and not with a loaded card / debit card (for example, the Post Bank card). The cancellation of every transaction is carried out in accordance with the Consumer Protection (Cancellation of a Transaction) Regulations, 2010 and the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981. You can read and update the law at the following links:

Request to cancel a purchase or payment

A request to cancel a payment or purchase can be requested in one of the following options: - By e-mail to [email protected] From the email with which the user paid. - In our contact form. This inquiry will be answered by our response and will require a return reply from that email to verify that it is indeed the email owner. - On the phone that is shown in the Contact us page - By registered mail to Dereh Namir 121, Apartment 1, Tel Aviv. - Through the Gahava interface on the My Payments page

List of Purchases and Cancellations

Purchase the following services: A robot that examines a user's conduct and Message freely

1. These services constitute "information" as defined in the Computers Law, 5755-1995. 2. In accordance with the provisions of section 14C (d) of the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981, the purchaser does not comply The right to cancel a transaction in relation to "information" as defined above, therefore in the purchase of these services on the site no It will be possible to cancel the transaction and receive a refund only after the end of the service commitment period Which was selected.

Cancel continuous payment service

1. In transactions where the payment continue automatically renewed, the charge will apply every month, from the date of the first charge until the service is canceled. 2. After the commitment period, in transactions in which the payment continue automatically, It will be possible to cancel the renewable service and the cancellation of the service will take effect within 3 (Three) business days from the date of receipt of the cancellation notice, so if you wish to cancel the service, You must notify at least 3 business days before the next billing date. 3. Such cancellation will be charged a cancellation fee at a rate of 5% of the transaction price or 9NIS, according to the higher of them + the cost of the monthly service which is the relative consideration for the service they received until the date of cancellation. 4. It is important to note that freezing or deleting a user does not cancel paid services.

Purchase the following services: Hide Last Login time and Delete Messages

1. It will be possible to cancel these services and the cancellation of the service will take effect within 3 (Three) business days from the date of receipt of the cancellation notice. 2. Such cancellation will be charged a cancellation fee at a rate of 5% of the transaction price or 9NIS, according to the higher of them + the cost of the service which is the relative consideration for the service they received until the date of cancellation.

Purchase one-time services

1. It will be possible to cancel services that are provided on a one-time basis, only if such cancellation is made at least two days, non-rest days, prior to the date on which the service is to be provided. if The service was already given, it is no longer available to be canceled.

Cancel your profile

In Gahava, User can freeze he's account or delete it. Freezing account will prevent the possibility to watch him at search results or write to him, And the user would be able to activate his account whenever he wants. Deleting the account marks the card as disabled, and does not allow any further communication with him. After deletion, the user will not be able to activate he's card again. Delete account does not delete the data from Gahava database.

Deleting data

Deleting information on Gahava can be done by the site staff - according considerations webmaster Without any prior notice. Reasons to delete information can be technical, marketing, Subliminal advertising, or any other reason not need to explain and / or justify it. Of course guideline is the good of the site, and keeping surfers.

Sharing Users

By registering to Gahava you agree to display your user on Gahava's partner websites, And allow you to contact other relevant users on Gahava's partner websites and allow other users (including those on Gahava's partner websites) to contact you.

Push Notifications

Gahava stores users Device Id in order to send push notifications. The push notifications is only for Internal use, to inform you on new messages, and some more announcements. On any time you can cancel the push notifications on the Account settings page.

Intimate detail / Privacy

Gahava website administrator has the full right to test content in a sample, automatically or manually, and respond accordingly. This means that our staff can also check messages sent between users, In order to protect the users. You agree as a Gahava user that it does not infringe on your privacy, or your privacy as a user, And that this is done solely to protect all users of the site and the site itself. In addition, our profile pages are partially exposed to users who are not logged in to the website in order to allow external users to get an impression before they are registering. Because of this, search engines can also index user profile pages. The guideline for using the site is understand that every detail you add into your profile is exposed to everyone (Anyone can also sign up and view everyone's full profile). For example, the photos you uploaded, your gender preferences, your religion etc.


Gahava website using small strings of text (known as cookies) to store information about the user. If you want to disable the use of cookies, you can reset your browser to refuse All cookies or to indicate when a cookie sent. Note that some websites may not function properly if you refuse to accept cookies.


Use of this website is the responsibility of the user / A conversions on ladies - first makes every effort Match the site per user / the most optimal way the site is inherently Is a site for the public at large and any information contained herein is available to the public Users as it is. Therefore, use of the site - the whole range of services - is Your responsibility as a user / A only. Ladies - first site is not responsible for the messages and content that you or other users on the site Give , Including a ladies - first can not verify the accuracy Portrait of ads and content. For this reason , you alone will bear full and exclusive responsibility for the content of any ads and any other content You posted and any results from your posting . Including a ladies - first is responsible for legality , reliability , reliability , accuracy , Completeness of any damage , loss , inconvenience , mental anguish , etc. Result Direct or indirect , incurred by you or any third party because of any ad or content You submit to any other site . Ladies - first site is not responsible for any message you receive following the use of the site. Be careful responses and communications received through advertisements and content on the site . Remember : you must drive at least appeals to you the same degree of care as you do when making contact Non-Internet. It is important to remember that no security system is completely immune. The Gahava website and staff is not responsible if any third party succeeds in abusing the website. In this case, you agree that the site will not bear any responsibility, including any damage that may occur, if any.


A Gahava or his representative sends emails to members , Also to the messages received on the site regularly , and about events website Various services as an integral part of the site. All this after the consent of all surf and surf to receive promotional mailings from the Site , During the registration site, and in accordance with the Law was amended for sending spam. Since this is part and parcel of the site , if you wish not to receive these mailings , You can easily close your profile on the site or to change mailing preferences Account Settings page and not continue to receive emails from the site. For the avoidance of doubt , we do not send spam at all, but only information related to members Them personally , or information related to members in general , simply because they are members of the site .


You agree to indemnify a Gahava or a person acting on its behalf for any damage, loss, loss - profit Cost or expense incurred by them - including wages - Attorneys' fees - lawyer And court costs - breach of this contract. In addition, you will indemnify a Gahava Or his representative in respect of any claim and / or demand made against them - by Any third party, specifications, information or files you posted. You acknowledge and agree that you will not have any claim and demand against A Gahava in respect of the information and data mentioned above.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

A ladies - first and now runs it owns the copyright And intellectual property on the site first ladies - only. Under copyright and intellectual property includes, among other things, graphic design Site , structure, formal and material elements of the site , the texts contained in it , And files and applications from any kind whatsoever . Absolutely forbidden to copy, distribute , display , publishing or transfer of the above or some Them unless the consent of a ladies - first prior written consent. Do not copy, scan , collect , use any site content and content particular ad Without written permission from the management of the site. Has a user who violates this section liable to prosecution.


Services at Gahava do not include technical support. The Gahava Staff endeavor to answer your questions on technical issues, Received by e-mail only, but is not obligated to do so. Received by Contacting Us, but is not obligated to do so. Support for payments issues (only) can be found on the page Contact Us Or


This document shall be governed by and construed for any purpose , under the laws of the State of Israel . Any claim or proceeding arising from or related to this document will be discussed in court competent Discussed in the Tel - Aviv - Jaffa, and each party agrees to be subject to judgment and court location stated . You hereby waive waiver irrevocable final and definitive claim in relation to a document It is not valid and / or disable and / or non-binding you. Site rules may be updated from time to time , and are valid from the moment they are uploaded to the site. You are aware that once consent laws site , you agree to the site's rules also updated Relative moment any action related to the site ladies - first . Any problem, please contact contact page website management .