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Terms and conditions

1. Introduction

Browsing on Gahava is subject to your prior agreement to the terms of use as detailed below. Therefore, before browsing and using the site, we ask you to read them carefully. The use of the services is offered to you conditioned on the acceptance of the terms, conditions, and notices contained in this document as they are, without any changes. Otherwise, you will not be permitted to use the services, in whole or in part. The regulations are written in the masculine form for convenience only, but they should be read as if they were also written in the feminine form. The section headings are for convenience purposes only and should not be used as any reference or aid in interpreting the regulations. The site rules are primarily intended to protect the site and its users. They are particularly strict due to the nature of the site, which deals in the field of dating, and there is nothing in them that should deter an ordinary user who uses the site for the purpose of finding a serious relationship (see the definition of "serious relationship" below). The site rules are intended to prevent situations of using the site for any purpose other than finding a serious relationship, including (but not limited to) gathering information, sending false messages, covert advertisements, etc. Gahava was established with the aim of facilitating and efficiently finding a partner for a serious relationship only. The Gahava team commits to doing everything in its power to: Prevent harassment of other members on the site. Act against those who do not adhere to the site rules. Try to help anyone who is harmed in any way by using the site.

2. Data truths

Fill out accurate information only. The use of the account is personal; do not use accounts that are not yours. Do not open more than one account per person. Do not open an account for someone else. Do not upload images to the account that are not yours, or images that are inappropriate. Do not send fake messages.

3. Content

Content or contents on the site constitute the site itself, in its entirety. Content includes everything displayed in profiles, everything in the site's database, and anything submitted to the site in any form, whether it is content provided by the user or content from another source. All content is owned by the site Gahava and can be used by the site for any purpose. This includes profiles, messages, information, photos, but is not limited to them. Any content that the user submits to the site or through the site becomes the property of the site from that moment on. The Gahava site can modify this content and use it at its discretion, and neither the information provider nor any third party on their behalf can make any claims against the site staff regarding this content.

4. Serious relationship

A serious relationship is a relationship aimed at finding a partner for a shared life. This includes marriage, companionship, friendship, etc. A serious relationship does not include relationships of exploitation or any illegal relationships. A serious relationship can exist between two users of similar age ranges. The site is prohibited for married individuals. Status of separated: a married person living apart from their spouse for a period exceeding 3 months, and who does not share a household with their spouse. This site is permitted for individuals who are separated according to the definition of "separated status" in this agreement. Opening an account or using an account for married individuals (except those with "separated status" according to this agreement) is grounds for a claim by the Gahava site and/or its owners for any reason, with a pre-agreed penalty of 10,000 plus attorney fees and court costs.

5. Users

The site has an option to mark users who are considered safer (based on indicators such as reports, blocks, and other parameters) and to display an icon next to them indicating this. Please note that this icon does not guarantee that the user who received it is honest, reliable, or safe. All precautions should still be taken even if this icon is present. Additionally, the site administration can mark users as suspected of violating the terms of use or users who will not be able to receive the aforementioned icon based on the user's behavior, rules they have broken, or reports from other users (or many other reasons). Such a marking can appear on the user's profile page, and if marked as suspected, the marking can also appear on the messaging page to inform and warn other users.

6. Messages Between Users

At Gahava, the use is free, but limited to a certain number of messages that changes from time to time.The free use of Gahava is limited, and the system automatically designates users who have exhausted their free usage quota as those requiring a monthly fee to send messages. This status can also be manually set by the system. For policy reasons (for example, if a user registers from two different accounts, thereby violating the terms of use of Gahava). Messages cannot be sent on Gahava (for both monthly paying users and non-paying users) in the following situations: To a user who is inactive, has deleted their account, or has been suspended. To a user who has blocked you. After 2 messages without a response from the same user. To a user without a profile picture (users who do not want to be exposed can upload a photo in private mode so only the recipient will see the photos). Therefore, the system does not allow the deletion of the profile picture if a message was sent in the last 24 hours. To a user whose profile is not complete (fields like first name, about me must be filled out). If there are significant age differences or if the user has specified age ranges from which they do not want to receive messages. If the woman has set that only she can initiate contact. When there is a gender preference mismatch. When the system allows a limited number of messages per day and this limit has been reached. When the system requires a monthly fee and you are not paying. When the system requests email verification as a condition for sending messages. When the system requires correction of false information in the profile. When the system flags your account for review by the Gahava team. In additional situations not listed here. These restrictions are intended to make Gahava a more pleasant, reliable, and safe dating interface, and therefore additional restrictions may be removed or added.

7. Purchases at Gahava

In Gahava, some services are provided for a fee. In the interface, purchases can only be made with a standard credit card and not with a prepaid card (for example, from the Postal Bank).

A. Purchase of services in a continuous transaction

I. The site offers several subscription services with a recurring monthly fee. These services include, among others: Premium Subscription, Premium Plus, Hide Last login, Message Deletion, User Behavior Monitoring Bot, Undo Service, and any other service noted as recurring. II. These recurring services are provided for an indefinite period and continue indefinitely until canceled by the user or by the company in accordance with these terms. The charges for these services are recurring monthly fees, in the amount specified in the subscription terms published for each type of service. III. By purchasing a recurring service, the user agrees to pay the monthly subscription fees for an indefinite period, with the charge continuing by direct debit every month, starting from the first billing date until the service is canceled. IV. It should be noted that there are subscriptions that include a discount off the list price for users who commit in advance to a certain period, such as a period of 3 to 12 months (hereinafter: "Commitment Period"). These plans are also considered indefinite period transactions, subject to the subscriber committing to a specified period as mentioned. Even after the Commitment Period, the subscription continues, and the charge is made monthly, at the price and under the conditions specified in the subscription terms, until canceled in accordance with these Terms of Use. V. Recurring services can be canceled at any time by notifying the site through any of the methods listed below, and the cancellation will take effect within 3 (three) business days from the date the cancellation notice is received, or within 6 (six) business days if the cancellation notice is sent by registered mail. Such cancellation may incur cancellation fees, as detailed in section 7 C I below.

B. The cancellation methods

I. Notification of subscription or purchase cancellation can be sent using one of the following options:
1. By email [email protected] From the email with which the user paid or through the "Contact Us" form on the website. This request will be answered by our response and will require a repeat reply from the same email to confirm that this is indeed the owner of the email. 2. At the payments page on the website. 3.
4. By registered mail, to the address Dereh Namir 121, Apartment 1, Tel Aviv.

C. Cancellation results

I. A user who purchased a paid subscription to the site is entitled to cancel it within 14 days from the date of the transaction or from the date of receiving the subscription purchase agreement by email. Such cancellation will incur a cancellation fee not exceeding 5% of the transaction price, or 100 ₪, whichever is lower, plus the cost of the monthly service representing the proportional fee for the service the user received up to the date of the transaction cancellation. II. Thereafter, the cancellation of a recurring transaction as mentioned in section 7 A IV above will lead to the following outcomes:
1. Monthly Recurring Subscription: A refund of the paid monthly subscription fee will be issued, minus a cancellation fee of 9 ₪, and the proportional charge for the days of use from the last billing date until the date the service cancellation takes effect. 2. Recurring Subscription with a Commitment Period: In the event of cancellation during the commitment period, a refund of the paid monthly subscription fee will be issued, minus a cancellation fee of 9 ₪, and the proportional charge for the days of use from the last billing date until the date the service cancellation takes effect. Additionally, in such a case, the discount given on the list price will be revoked, and for the purpose of receiving a refund, the subscription will be considered as having been purchased at the monthly rate for the relevant period, and the subscriber will be charged the difference between the amount paid and the cost of a monthly subscription for the period that has elapsed from the subscription purchase date until its cancellation. In the event of cancellation after the commitment period has ended, the company will not charge any cancellation fee. If the relevant subscription is canceled during the month for which subscription fees have been charged, a proportional refund of the monthly subscription fee will be issued from the cancellation date until the end of the month. 3. It is hereby agreed that the cancellation fees reflect the expected costs to the company resulting from the cancellation of the transaction during the billing period (including costs related to paperwork, accounting, processing refunds, etc.).
III. It should be emphasized that in the event that a notice of cancellation is sent less than 48 hours before the next billing date, a charge may be made for the next month, but after that the subscriber will receive a credit for the relative portion, in accordance with these instructions.

D. Cancellation of purchase of tickets for the event

The company occasionally offers tickets to various events. Tickets can be canceled within 14 days of purchase, provided that the cancellation is made at least 7 days, excluding rest days, before the event date. Such cancellation will incur a cancellation fee not exceeding 5% of the transaction price, or 100 ₪, whichever is lower.

E. Purchase of one-time services

The company occasionally offers one-time services. One-time services can be canceled provided that the cancellation is made at least two days, excluding rest days, before the service is scheduled to be provided. If the service has already been provided, it cannot be canceled.

8. Reports

Any user can report any other user on the site. Each report is reviewed by the management, and based on the report, the management has the discretion to decide how to handle it. The management can suspend a user as a result of a report from another user regarding improper behavior, or mark them as a user suspected of violating the terms of use.

9. Prohibited Content to advertise

You agree to these restrictions and confirm that the content you submit to the site does not include the following: - Any pornographic or explicitly sexual content. - Any content whose publication is prohibited by law. - Any content that constitutes defamation or invades an individual's privacy. - Advertising services/products/texts that are not aimed at finding a specific partner for a serious relationship. - Any content and information related to minors that identifies them, their personal details, or their address and contact information. - Any computer software, computer code, or application that includes a computer virus, including hostile software known as Trojan horses, worms, vandals, malicious applications, etc. - Any information whose publication is prohibited by law, including court-issued gag orders and details that may identify victims of sexual offenses, offenders, or minor victims of crime, etc. - Any information of a harassing, offensive, hostile, threatening, vulgar, or racist nature. - Any information that may mislead other users, any third party, or the site staff. - Any information that contradicts accepted internet usage norms or that may harm or damage internet users in general, and particularly the users of the Gahava site. - Any information that is password-protected and not freely accessible to all internet users. Such content will be removed from the site immediately upon discovery. The site system reserves the right to claim compensation from the publisher for any damage caused or that may be caused as a result of publishing prohibited content.

10. Prohibited Actions

It is prohibited to perform any action using the site intended to disrupt or interfere with any computer and communication systems (including the servers of the Gahava site itself). You may not open more than one account per person. You may not open a new account within less than a week after deleting an account on Gahava. You may not use Gahava if you have been previously suspended or banned from Gahava or any of Gahava's partner sites. You may not contact users outside of your age range. For example, it is inappropriate for a 20-year-old user to contact a 50-year-old user. You may not upload photos to your profile that are not of yourself, inappropriate photos, provocative photos, or photos that do not show your face. You may not write false information in the site's content. You may not update false personal details, including using a nickname instead of your real name (e.g., date of birth, status, etc.). You may not send false messages. You may not send offensive messages or messages that could harm other members of the site. You may not contact or correspond with support/customer service/site management in a disrespectful, threatening, or vulgar manner. You may not perform any action that is not defined as "fair use." You may not enter contact details in your profile such as phone number, Facebook name, Instagram, etc. You may not use Gahava for advertising purposes. You may not send vulgar or disrespectful messages. You may not use Gahava for purposes other than seeking a relationship. Any prohibited action allows the site management to suspend the user immediately.

11. Suspended user

The Gahava management has the option to suspend a user who has committed a prohibited Action, a user who has been reported by another user, a user who, in the management's opinion, may endanger other users, a user whose intentions are not for a serious relationship, or a user who has already been suspended in the past. The suspension of a user from the site is solely intended to maintain the respect, atmosphere, and safety of other users. A user suspension is final and indefinite. The Gahava technological system is constantly upgrading to prevent previously suspended users from returning and using Gahava again, to ensure the safety of other users as much as possible. In the event of a user suspension, the site management is not obligated to provide the user with the reason for the suspension, detail why they were suspended, or respond to their messages. Additionally, this user will be shown to other users who have communicated with them as a suspended user. In the case of the suspension of a user who has purchased a recurring subscription, a refund will be provided for the period during which the user was suspended. This refund will be calculated according to the provisions of section 7 C of these regulations, concerning the cancellation of a recurring transaction.

12. Cancel your profile

At Gahava, you can either freeze or delete your account. Freezing an account will prevent others from viewing the user in search results or messaging them, and at any time, the user who froze their account can reactivate it. Deleting the account marks the profile as canceled and does not allow any further communication with the profile. After deletion, a user cannot reactivate the profile. However, deleting a user does not remove the data from the Gahava database.

13. Deleting data

Deleting information on the Gahava site can be carried out by the site's team at the discretion of the site administrator, without any prior notice. Reasons for deleting information can include technical, marketing, covert advertising, or any other reason, without the need to explain or justify the action. Of course, the guiding principle is the best interest of the site and the protection of its users.

14. User sharing

By registering with Gahava, you consent to having your profile displayed on Gahava partner sites, allowing you to contact relevant users on Gahava partner sites, and allowing other users (including those on Gahava partner sites) to contact you.

15. Push Notifications

For registered users, the Device ID of the device is saved in order to send push notifications. The notifications are sent exclusively by the Gahava management for internal use only, to notify about new messages, users who have viewed your profile, and other notifications. At any time, you can disable push notifications in the account settings page.

16. Events

The Gahava management organizes dating events from time to time. Sometimes we will help market other events of the LGBT community and registration for these events is subject to the conditions of that event organizer.

17. Intimate detail / Privacy

Gahava team has the full right to check content on a sample basis, either automatically or manually, and to respond accordingly. This includes the team's authority to review messages exchanged between users in order to protect the site and its users. As a user, you agree that this does not constitute an invasion of your privacy or confidentiality, and that it is done solely to protect all users on the site and the site itself. Additionally, our profile pages are partially visible to users who are not logged in, to allow prospective users to view site members before registering. Because of this, search engines can also index users' profile pages. The guiding principle in using the site is that any information you provide in your profile is visible to everyone (anyone can register and view the full profile of any other user). For example, the photos you upload, your gender preferences, your religious affiliation, etc.

18. Cookies

Gahava website uses small text strings (known as cookies) to store information about the user. If you want to disable the use of cookies, you can reset your browser to reject all cookies or to notify you when a cookie is being sent. Please note that some websites may not function properly if you refuse to accept cookies.

19. No warranty

Use of the Gahava website is at the user's own risk. Despite Gahava's best efforts to tailor the site optimally for each user, the site is, by its nature, intended for the general public, and all information presented on it is available to users as-is. Therefore, using the site and all its services is solely your responsibility as a user. Gahava is not responsible for the messages and content you or other users submit. Additionally, Gahava cannot verify the accuracy or correctness of these messages and content. For this reason, you alone bear full and exclusive responsibility for the content of any advertisement or other material you submit for publication and for any results arising from their publication. Moreover, Gahava is not responsible for the legality, reliability, accuracy, completeness, or any damage, loss, inconvenience, or distress, whether direct or indirect, that may result from any advertisement or other content you submit for publication on the site. Gahava is not responsible for any message you receive as a result of using the site. Act wisely and cautiously with responses and inquiries you receive following the publication of advertisements and content on the site. Remember: you should exercise at least the same degree of caution in online communications as you would in establishing contact through other means. It is important to remember that no information security system is completely secure. Gahava is not responsible if any third party manages to misuse the site or information leaked from it. In such a case, you acknowledge that the site bears no responsibility, including for any damage that may occur if such an event happens.

20. Emails

By registering on the Gahava website, you agree to receive advertisements in accordance with the Communications Law (Telecommunications and Broadcasting) (Amendment No. 40), 2008. By default, and as long as you have not revoked your consent to receive promotional mailings, Gahava or a third party on its behalf may send members mailings regarding notifications received on the site on an ongoing basis, notifications to users who have viewed them, notifications regarding site events, promotional mailings, update notifications, reminders, or other emails. If you no longer wish to receive these emails, you can easily do so by changing your mailing preferences on the account settings page or on the mailing preferences page (a link to which can be found at the end of every email sent), or by canceling your profile on the site. Please note that it is strictly forbidden to provide details of another user. Anyone who violates this instruction will be responsible for any damages and/or expenses that may be incurred by the site operator due to the provision of another's details without permission.

21. Indemnification

You agree to indemnify the Gahava website or anyone on its behalf for any damage, loss, lost profit, payment, or expense incurred by them, including attorney fees and court costs, due to your breach of this agreement. Additionally, you will indemnify the Gahava website or anyone on its behalf for any claim, demand, or lawsuit brought against them by any third party as a result of details, information, or files you submitted for publication. You understand and agree that you will have no claims, demands, or lawsuits against the Gahava website regarding the aforementioned information and data.

22. Copyright and Intellectual Property

The Gahava website owns the copyrights and intellectual property of the Gahava website exclusively. The copyrights and intellectual property include, among other things, the graphic design of the site, the site's structure, its formal and essential components, the texts appearing on it, as well as files and applications of any kind. It is strictly forbidden to copy, distribute, display, publish, or transfer the aforementioned or any part of it unless prior written consent has been obtained from the Gahava website. It is prohibited to copy, scan, collect, or use the content of the website in general and the content of advertisements in particular without written permission from the site management. Any site owner/business owner/user who violates this clause is liable to legal action.

23. Support

The services on the Gahava website do not include technical support. The Gahava team will try to respond to inquiries on technical matters received through the contact us form, but they are not obligated to do so (usually respond within a few hours). Support regarding payments and processing (only) can be obtained on thecontact us page or by phone, which can be accessed by

24. Jurisdiction

This document shall be governed by and construed for all purposes in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel. Any claim or legal proceeding arising from or related to this document will be heard in the competent court in the Tel Aviv-Jaffa district, and each party agrees to submit to the jurisdiction and venue of such courts. You hereby irrevocably and unconditionally waive any claim regarding the invalidity and/or nullity and/or non-binding nature of this document. The site’s rules may be updated from time to time, and they are effective from the moment they are posted on the site. You are aware that from the moment you agree to the site's rules, you also agree to the updated rules of the site with respect to any action related to the Gahava website.
Any problem, please contact contact page website management.